Bursary Disbursement

AMP Education Bursary
The AMP Education Bursary has successfully disbursed a total of $112,000 benefitting 145 students in 2019. 78 Diploma students, 43 Full-time Degree students, 18 Part-time Degree students and 6 undergraduates from the STEM courses are recipients for this years’ bursary disbursement.

AMP-2nd Chance STEM Study Award
In July 2019, six successful applicants of the AMP-2nd Chance STEM Study Award were awarded with bursaries worth $2,000 each.

They were presented with the awards by Mr Hasan Marican, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of 2nd Chance.
In an intimate session following the award presentation, Mr Hasan shared how one should remain undeterred when faced with failures and to persevere.

We wish all award recipients all the best in their endeavours!

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